Immigration is not only Positive but Necessary

It is accepted that immigration flows reflective of labour market needs have positive impacts on the economy.
The Economist published an article promoting the benefits of immigration last week and Brophy Solicitors, experts in the immigration field in Ireland, have today (30/8/11) spoke out against the fact that 'it is becoming increasingly difficult for applicants to obtain permission to work in the State'. A practice which they say is contrary to productivity and innovation.
Killian Forde, CEO of The Integration Centre said "the government needs to develop our export markets, only 10 per cent of our exports are from indigenous SME's."
"It is established that migrants can and do have a positive impact on the economy. As one of the most open and export-led economies in the world we need to harness the skills and networks of migrants."
 "The number of work permits issued in 2010 was 7,271, down from almost 25,000 in 2007."
"We believe that the progressive tightening of the rules on employment permits is a misguided political reaction to the economic crisis. Migrants can assist in Ireland's recovery."
The Integration Centre has contracted the economist Jim Power to do a study on the impact immigrant integration has upon the labour market, and thereupon build a business case for the integration of immigrants. The results of this will be published later this autumn.